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Wholesale Bottled/Dispenser Water Supplies

Diniru Bottled WaterDiniru Water utilize the infrastructure of the Nationwide Bottled Water Bank in order to provide each of its clients with a fast and reliable bulk bottled water delivery service, at very competitive rates. The premise is simple. The larger volume of wholesale bottled water you order the cheaper the price becomes. We can even accept annual orders, which can be delivered in one or more pallets through the year, where the client benefits from the reduced price. We supply our bulk wholesale water products with either the producer's in house brand, or as our own Diniru Water label.

The wholesale bottled water part of our business was set up initially to sell bottled mineral water and natural spring water to our emergency water supply customers. However the popularity of bottled drinking water has grown to an extent that many other organizations are now buying in bulk. We provide a nationwide bottled water delivery service to all.

Our minimum order requirements are:
50cl - 2,496 bottles
75cl - 1,872 bottles
20 liters - 480 bottles
1.5 liters - 624 bottles

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